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The ULTIMATE Guide To Hiring A London Wedding DJ

Let's face it: planning a wedding can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider and sometimes the smallest details make the biggest difference.

One of those important elements for the evening is the music – without it, your wedding will feel incomplete! So if you're looking for the ultimate guide to hiring a London wedding DJ, you've come to the right place.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need about hiring a wedding DJ in London, from their experience behind the decks to the equipment they'll bring.

Whether you're looking for someone to liven up the dance floor or just create an ambience, we've got you covered.

So, let's get started! Firstly, you need to:

Consider what music you want

When it comes to choosing music for your wedding, a London wedding DJ can be an invaluable asset.

It might seem obvious, but the music your DJ plays should be the number one factor you consider when booking.

Nearly every London wedding DJ will say "they play all types of music"...but it's crucial that you know what music they specialise in.

They will have access to thousands of songs and know which ones are popular at weddings, so it is really helpful to discuss early on in the booking process the type of music you would like played during the event.

If you LOVE hip-hop & R&B, it's important that the DJ you book also knows hip-hop & R&B well. The DJ having a deep knowledge of the music you like means they'll be able to play the right songs at the right time (and probably play some you'd forgotten about too).

Ask your DJ if they have any video or audio footage from events they play at - this is an easy way for you to hear what music the DJ plays and see how the DJ interacts with the crowd. We post clips from weddings on our Instagram all the time:

You should consider creating a list of 'must-plays' and 'do-not-plays' to help your DJ create an unforgettable playlist.

It's also worth asking about their process for taking requests from guests. Some DJs will flat-out refuse requests on the night, some will work requests into the music in the evening and some will play them without question. We've had countless couples ask us to ONLY play songs from their list and not take requests from guests.

We've also had couples ask that we use our experience to filter out any requests that don't fit in with their music taste.

There's no right or wrong way to handle requests, but the approach can be dictated by the couple. Discuss this with potential DJs and they'll be able to recommend what they think works best.

Your London wedding DJ will also be able to advise you on which genres and styles of music are popular for weddings and what times of the night they work best. We think it works best when you give your DJ freedom to work from your request list and add/remove things as they see fit. This will ensure that everyone has a great time and the night is a success!

Finally, remember to give yourself plenty of time for choosing music for your wedding. Create a shared playlist on Spotify dedicated to songs you'd like played at your wedding - this allows you to build up your playlist over time as you hear songs out and about.

With these tips in mind, you'll be sure to have the perfect soundtrack for a memorable wedding!

After you've found somebody that reflects your music taste well, you need to:

Get some prices together

Getting prices of London wedding DJs is a little more tricky because most companies don't put their prices on their website (we don't for example).

Once you've searched on Google and looked at their online presence (more on that later), you'll most likely need to send an enquiry to get some prices.

Budget is such an important factor when hiring a London wedding DJ because the cost of DJs can vary greatly depending on their experience, equipment, and style.

The cost of a London wedding DJ can vary greatly - from £250 at the budget end to £2,000+ at the premium end.

Knowing your budget from the start can help you narrow down your choices to find a DJ that works both within your budget and meets all of your needs for the perfect wedding day.

Consider factors such as travel costs, set-up time and type of music in order to determine what you're willing to pay for a London wedding DJ. This will allow you to save time during the hiring process by only looking at DJs who fit into your price range.

Knowing exactly what services are included with the price quoted means there won't be any unexpected costs along the way.

Next, you need to:

Take a look at their reviews

Reviews are an essential element to consider when hiring a London wedding DJ.

It’s important to read reviews from past clients as they can give you valuable insight into what to expect from their services. Reviews will tell you how reliable and accommodating the DJ is, as well as how satisfied couples were with the music selection and overall night.

We have reviews on both our Facebook and Google profiles.

In addition, reviews allow you to compare London wedding DJs against each other and help you narrow down your search based on feedback from real couples. Be sure to take the time to read through all the reviews carefully, as this is a great way to ensure that you hire the best DJ for your special day.

Nearly all the reviews you'll read will be positive, so it can be hard to use them as a way to differentiate between DJs. Really taking notice of what the review says can help you choose the right DJ for your wedding - reviews might mention the type of music they played, how they dealt with requests or how long it took them to set up. If a review positively mentions something that's important to you, then note that down.

It’s important to remember that reviews are just one of many factors to take into consideration when hiring a London wedding DJ. You should also ask friends or family for recommendations, as well as research London wedding DJ’s online to get an idea of their work.

Ultimately, the London wedding DJ you choose should be someone who you feel comfortable with and trust to make your wedding a success.

By considering reviews, researching London wedding DJs online, and asking friends or family for recommendations, you can be sure to make the perfect London wedding DJ choice for your big day.

Similar to reading reviews, you should then:

Stalk their social media accounts

A DJs online presence can be a great window into how active they are, what type of music they play and how they interact with guests on the night.

Sometimes previous couples will comment on posts, which may give you some deeper insight than a review. How active they are on their social media accounts might be a good insight into how busy they are too.

Additionally, many London wedding DJs post videos and photos of their performances online, which can be a great way to get an idea of what they are capable of. Here are some clips we've posted on our Instagram account, which showcase mixing ability and interaction with guests.

There is SO much more variety in what a DJ set-up looks like nowadays. So, if that's important to you, looking at the DJs social channels can help you visualise what their equipment looks like and how it'll integrate with your wedding theme.

For example, our DJ set-up is perfect for rustic and festival-style weddings:

Finally, it's a good idea to follow London wedding DJs on their social media channels as this will give you the opportunity to stay up-to-date with them (and you may even get some inspiration)!

Simply put, a DJs social media channels are a great way to get an easy window into who is available and what they offer.

Ensure their equipment offers what you need

When it comes to wedding DJs, having the right equipment is essential. There are hundreds of different brands that DJs will use, but you don't need to concern yourself with that.

Simply put, you need a DJ to turn up with lighting, microphones, speakers and a way of playing music through speakers.

There are loads of different types of lighting, from uplights to moving heads to scanners. Your DJ will be able to talk you through what they offer and what will work for your venue.

Maybe even more important than the type of equipment they have is whether they have backup equipment.

A London wedding DJ should have a reliable set of backup equipment in case something goes wrong with the main equipment. An experienced DJ will always come prepared with extra cables, adapters and other necessary items to ensure that all bases are covered.

In short, equipment is something you shouldn't spend too much time worrying about. Tell them what you need to be able to do on the night (play music, use microphones for speeches etc) and they'll be able to bring the equipment for the job.

More important than the equipment they bring, is what optional extras they provide.

See what other services they offer

Loads of DJs now offer optional extras in addition to music. Some examples include:

- Photo Booths

- 360 Booths

- Magic Mirrors

- LOVE Letters

- Neon Signs

- Flower Walls

- Donut Walls

When considering what DJ you should hire for your wedding, it might be a good idea to see what other services they offer. Hiring multiple services through one company means less of a headache and you might even get a % discount.

We offer Photo Booths, LOVE Letters and Flower Wall + Neon Signs:

Most importantly, when you've found the London wedding DJ who best fits your needs and budget, be sure to get everything in writing.

This will help ensure a smooth event by detailing all of the services that are included, as well as any payment terms or additional fees. Make sure to read through the contract carefully before signing.

With a bit of research and due diligence, you can find the perfect London wedding DJ for your special day.

There you have it – your complete guide to hiring a London wedding DJ for your special day!

Whether you want something classic or contemporary, a budget-friendly option or an all-out extravaganza, this guide should have helped you find the perfect wedding DJ in London. With a little patience and research, you can have the wedding of your dreams – all that's left is to enjoy the celebration!

Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!


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