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3 Key Moments From Our Wedding DJ at Quendon Hall

Updated: May 4, 2021

On the 19th March 2020 Adam & Stacey decided to book us to DJ their wedding at Quendon Hall in Essex.

Some of you may recognise this date, as it is one of the last days before the UK went into it's first lockdown.

This means that this was the LAST wedding we would DJ in 2020.

Which explains the meme we made from some footage of the dance floor:

Both Stacey and Adam had heard me DJ at weddings and events before and really enjoyed the music I played.

This meant they were pretty open to letting me decide the music for the evening and trusted my judgment.


...they did have a few requests.

Of course I was more than happy to accommodate for this and incorporate their requests into the music on the evening.

They decided to book our DJ which slotted in nicely with Quendon Hall's aesthetic:

The guests on the night were very interactive and often coming up and requesting songs (which I love).

You can see some footage from the wedding here:

There always seems to be one song from a wedding that sticks out to me as the defining one of the evening.

And this wedding was no different.

There was a clear song favourite from the night: Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under The Bridge

This song is a pretty good one to define the night.

This was an amazing wedding with the bride, groom and their guests enjoying themselves all evening.

We post regular photos and videos of weddings we've been a part of over on our Instagram page.

It would be great to connect with you there!


One year on from the wedding, I wanted to do something a little different for their first anniversary gift.

I had seen some transparent photos online in various places and thought they looked pretty interesting.

I wanted to give it a go myself:

It turned out so much better than I had anticipated and I was over the moon with it.

You can even scan the little code underneath the picture on Spotify and it'll start playing right away 💃🕺


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