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6 Secrets To A Seamless Wedding Party

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Wedding dancing with Arrowhouse Events

Now that you've spent endless hours organising your wedding party to a T, it's time to make sure no potential problems have slipped through the cracks. What could possibly go wrong? Well, your photographer is a no-show, swearing you said the seventh, not the second of June, so the job falls on your cousin, whose photography skills are questionable at best. So, to help you have a stress-free wedding party, we want to share a few of our best tips gathered from our own experiences, both professionally and personally.

#1 Pick a DJ who's interested in playing the music that you want and has experience.

A DJ with years of experience (like ours at Arrowhouse Events *cough* *cough*), can build you a personalised playlist and share songs with you that you've probably never heard before, but will definitely want to listen to again. However, if a DJ never asks about your music preferences, creates a playlist straight off the UK Top 40 or offers any helpful advice, then they are not the right choice for your wedding party.

#2 Confirm that whoever is announcing the party activities has accurate, up-to-date information.

Meet with this person well in advance to discuss how different parts of your night like your entrance, evening games and grand exit will play out. If this is left to the last minute, your M.C. might accidentally direct your guests to the south entrance for your send-off, when you're actually leaving from the north. Always verify that you're on the same page by explaining exactly what needs to be said; a seamless wedding party relies heavily on this.

#3 If a photo booth (or other large object) will be picked up before the party is over, make sure it is placed in an unobtrusive part of the room, preferably near an exit.

Take-down crews showing up halfway through the dance party can be loud, disruptive and ruin the vibe if not organised well. To limit their intrusiveness, make sure that their exit route stays away from central areas like the dance floor. Want to just skip the photo booth all together? Consider a polaroid booth instead, which offers a similar experience with a small footprint and an equally small price tag.

#4 Toast-givers, the M.C., the DJ and anyone else participating in a party activity needs to know when it's go-time.

After finalising your timeline, the last thing you want is for your first dance song to start playing before you've finished your garlic bread. So, be sure to remind each person what their cue is for giving announcements, toasts, etc. This may seem like an obvious no-brainer, but it's surprisingly easy for people to lose track of time, especially if there's a free bar.

#5 Whether you're expecting two kids or twenty, plan a few activities that involve them in the celebration and keep them entertained throughout the night.

Wonder how you're possibly going to organize fun activities for kids when your idea of "fun" is a weekend long binge of WestWorld? Try stationing a candy bar where kids (and adults too) can collect and enjoy their favorite sweets in a hands-on, DIY way. Here are a few more unique wedding party activities that include guests of all ages.

#6 Communicate, communicate and communicate to avoid delivery confusion or a no-show photographer.

We're big on communication; it's the easiest way to prevent any unforeseen issues that might arise. Since items like cake and flowers are not typically delivered in advance, you won't know if the order is correct or on-time until the day of your party. This is why it's important to regularly communicate and coordinate with each vendor. Try not to use email as your only form of correspondence, though; instead, meet with them face-to-face, as it will give you a chance to brainstorm some fun ideas and also help avoid any misunderstandings.

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