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Big LOVE Letters Hire in Essex

You've seen big LOVE Letters at nearly every wedding you've been to, and for good reason: They're eye-catching and provide a great photo opportunity for your guests.


Our big LOVE Letters are rustic styled and work great in venues with exposed beams.


They're dimmable too, so they'll look fantastic even when it starts to get a little dark outside - this makes them a great way to set the mood as well.

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You get all of this included with the Big LOVE Letters:

Rustic Style

Our big LOVE Letters are rustic style and look incredible in venues with exposed beams

Dimmable Lights

The bulbs are dimmable, so they won't overpower or wash out the venue when it gets dark


You're free to choose where they go, or you can let us decide - completely up to you!

5 Hours Of Use

We'll set this up at the same time as our DJ, and you'll get them for the full 5 hours

We're only a text away (or a DM)

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Trust is so important to us, which is why we always aim to respond to any messages from our couples within the HOUR.

It doesn't matter if you want to add some last minute songs to your playlist, book the Photo Booth or just go over the timings for the day.


Hit us up on whatever platform is easiest for you, whether that's Email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Text or Facebook.

Add your finishing touches:


Essex Wedding DJ 🔊


Our Essex wedding DJs have 11+ years experience providing entertainment at weddings and events across Essex. We LOVE to work with you to curate the perfect playlist for your wedding.


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Photo Booth 📸

Our “open air” style booth includes a backdrop, props, unlimited prints on the night and digital copies sent afterwards - a vital addition to your evening wedding actvities.


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Uplighting 💡


These small LED lights can be customised to your events theme and sync to the evening musc when it’s time to party.




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Flower Wall + Neon Sign 🌹⚡


Our Flower Wall paired with a neon DANCE sign gives you the perfect photo opportunity. This combination is often placed behind the DJ booth.



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Big LOVE Letters 💘


You’ve seen these at nearly every wedding & event you’ve been to, and for good reason - they’re eye catching and make a great picture for social media.



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Retro Disco Ball 🕺


Want to get a little funky on the dance floor? A fan of the 70s? Look no further. There’s nothing quite like dancing to the Bee Gees under a disco ball.



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Speedy Responses

We always aim to respond to any messages within the HOUR. Whether that’s a WhatsApp, Text or Instagram DM.

Curated Playlists

The music we play on the night is completely dependant on the music YOU like (makes sense, right?)

Referral Scheme

You make money every time somebody books us through your referral. Simple!